Instructions - How To Apply

1. Put the sticker in the desired position on the wall and hold in place with masking tape at the top with two vertical strips and also apply a center hinge with masking tape as well.

2. Remove the two top masking tape strips and peel off the top layer (application tape) toward yourself removing the sticker from the backing paper making sure the sticker lifts cleanly from the backing.

3. Cut the backing paper off just leaving the application paper and the sticker; prevent the sticker from touching the wall at this stage.

4. Now apply the sticker to the wall using the squeegee at a 45 degree angle pushing the air out as you go.

5. As the top half of the sticker has now been applied remove the center masking tape and apply the bottom half in the same way as you did the top.

6. Rub over the whole sticker firmly to make sure it's stuck to the wall well.

7. Slowly peel back the top layer (application tape) at a 180 degree angle back on itself making sure the sticker stays on the wall, if the sticker comes away re-squeegee the sticker.

8. Stand back and enjoy your new wall sticker.